Lord Howe Lagoon BeachLord Howe Lagoon Beach

8 Day Lord Howe Island Photography Adventure

Sat 25th February 2017 to Sun 05th March 2017

I am absolutely thrilled to have teamed up with Lord Howe local Dave Gardiner from Greenback Tours, to be able to offer you this unique and exclusive experience in my favourite part of the world. Check out my Lord Howe gallery here.

This is an opportunity to explore the incredible Lord Howe Island, and improve your photography skills along the way. You'll get to unique shooting locations off the tourist track, both land and boat based (plus water based if you have a GoPro or other waterproof camera), experience the best the island has to offer, and have access to expert tuition from both myself and Dave. 

Whilst you can obviously talk photography and ask for tips at any stage along the way, we will also be running specific workshops on:

- Basic Landscape Photography (lighting, composition techniques, camera settings)
- Wildlife Photography (techniques for capturing fast-moving subjects like birds)
- Astrophotography (under an amazingly clear night sky far from any light pollution)
- Time-lapse Photography (photographing and compiling images, editing for movie output)
- Long Exposure Photography (using Neutral Density filters to create blurred clouds and smooth water)
- Post-processing and Editing (using Lightroom, Photoshop and Nik Collection)

We'll even end the week with an outdoor evening exhibition of your favourite shots from each day with the rest of the group and the Lord Howe Island locals. I am super excited for this - please check out and download the full itinerary here.

The package through Spacifica Travel includes airfares (ex Sydney or Brisbane) and accommodation plus a heap of other extras. Click here to check it out or to get in touch with Spacifica.

I'm happy to answer any queries you have - feel free to contact me on 0421 922 479 or email [email protected]

Lord Howe LenticularsLord Howe Lenticulars