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Zion National Park

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In December 2015 I went on an amazing week-long roadtrip around Utah (and some of Arizona) - this is the first installment about my travels in my trusty campervan Steffi, from Lost Campers in Salt Lake City. Zion National Park is quite simply a treasure - a playground for photographers, hikers, campers and adventurers alike.

Zion Tourist RoadZion Tourist RoadZion National Park in Utah
I only spent a couple of nights in Watchman campground, but I could have easily stayed longer, and I'll certainly be back to tackle the hikes I didn't manage to get around to. The park is centred around the canyons that rise above the Virgin River, and the landscape is absolutely stunning. The cliffs show off their features and different hues at different times of the day, and I was lucky enough to even have a bit of snow on the ground in places to add to the beauty.

As far as hikes are concerned, I tackled Angel's Landing, the peak pictured below - it was a challenging hike but the top was worth every drop of sweat. If you're heading up there to get some amazing photos, I would suggest going in the afternoon - I went in the morning and unfortunately direct sunlight at that time of day meant that photography was tough. I ended up with a lot of blown out skies.

Angel's LandingAngel's LandingThe Virgin River in Zion National Park, Utah underneath Angel's Landing. LIMITED TO 25 PRINTS ONLY
There is plenty of wildlife to be seen here, and on the hike up Angel's Landing we (my French hiking buddies and I) actually managed to spot a California Condor. I've been a keen birder since I was a kid, and seeing this particular bird was remarkable. To give you a bit of background, they were extinct in the wild in the 90s, and were bred back in captivity. There are 2 populations - 1 in Zion and 1 in the Grand Canyon National Park - and only about 120 individual birds in total. In the world. Amazing. You can also see plenty of Mule Deer, like this buck that popped his head up when I was heading to a place to photograph the sunset.

Mule Deer Buck - Zion NPMule Deer Buck - Zion NP You can find out more about Zion National Park here and here. I'd highly recommend checking it out if you happen to be travelling in the general area. I made a GoPro video on the drive out on the tourist road - this will give you an idea of the expansive beauty of this place. Check it out, and check out my Utah photo collection!

Zion National Park Tourist Road from Pale Blue Dot Photography on Vimeo.


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