Group Photography Workshops

I run a range of location, subject and technique-focused group photography workshops, that are suitable for beginners and those who know a little bit about their cameras but are looking to take the next step. Numbers are limited to a maximum of 10 people, so that I am able to give you the time you need to be able to master the shots you're after. Techniques could include long exposure photography, astrophotography, time-lapse photography etc - and subjects could include waterfalls/rivers, sunsets/sunrises, cityscapes etc.

1-on-1 Photography Workshops

If you are looking for more hands-on tuition to take your photography to the next level, I would love to help you. 1-on-1 sessions can be arranged at any time based on your specific needs, with flexible locations and session lengths/formats. Here are some ideas on the types of things we could cover if you aren't too sure where to start:

- Photography basics (camera function, exposure, ISO, aperture etc)
- Composition
- Landscape photography
- Astrophotography
- Long exposure photography
- Time-lapse photography and output
- Post-production (editing in Lightroom, Photoshop etc)
- Panoramic photography (including stitching in post-production)
- 360 degree photography (including editing for VR output)

Upcoming Group Workshops

- Apr 2017 Dates TBC Lord Howe Island Photography Adventure (NSW)
- Mar 4th 2017 Bridgewater Bay Sunset, Astro, Timelapse and Star Trails Workshop (VIC)
- Apr 1st 2017 Mt Lofty Sunset, Astro, Timelapse and Star Trails Workshop (VIC)
- Apr 15th 2017 Alfred Nicholas Gardens Autumn Colours & Intimate Landscapes Workshop (VIC)
- Date TBC Lightroom, Photoshop Post-production Workshop (VIC)
- Date TBC Melbourne Sunset Workshop (VIC)
- Date TBC Melbourne Timelapse Workshop (VIC)

- Date TBC St Kilda/Brighton Timelapse Workshop (VIC)

Past Workshops

- Nature & Intimate Landscapes Workshop (Bali) (1-on-1)
- Marysville Rivers & Waterfalls Workshop (VIC) (Group)
- Warburton Sequoia Forest Workshop (VIC) (Group)
- Lord Howe Island Mobile Phone Photography Basic Workshop (NSW) (1-on-1)
- Lord Howe Island Basic DSLR Workshop (NSW) (Group)
- Lord Howe Island Timelapse Workshop (NSW) (1-on-1)
- Lightroom Post-production & Print Export Workshop (VIC) (Group)
- Geelong Astrophotography Timelapse/Startrail Workshop (VIC) (1-on-1)
- 360 Degree Photography & VR Social Media Editing Workshop (VIC) (Group)
- Mt Lofty Sunset, Astro, Timelapse and Star Trails Workshop (VIC) (1-on-1)


"I have attended two of Rob's Photography workshops this year and they have been beyond exceptional. His passion, knowledge and experience, not only with photography but with nature and wildlife, is incredible. I am a beginner in photography and have learnt so much from Rob and his workshops. He is very patient, attentive and extremely helpful, even after the workshops, his support has been amazing. I'd highly recommend Rob's workshops to anyone, and cannot wait for the next one! Thanks Rob!"

~ Fran Davide - Bell'Acqua Photography

"Rob Embury is a down to earth bloke who has a passion for nature and photography who is willing to share his secrets to taking beautiful and breathtaking images of this wonderful world we live in. Thanks Rob for sharing and taking us places we didn't know existed"

~ Adam Slot

*Workshop slideshow images courtesy of Fran Davide - Bell'Acqua Photography